Just like our vodka this drink is for the Driven, Ambitious & Successful

Not quite like anything you've seen before, this cocktail combines elements from the Old Fashioned, the Negroni, and the Martini in a warming, spiced, stirred-down drink - so just like our vodka; The Big Dog is one elegant serve.

Glassware: BIG whiskey rocks/tumbler
Tools: Mixing vessel, bar spoon, strainer

In a chilled mixing vessel

  • Add 50ml Big Dogs Vodka
  • 2x Whiskey Bitters
  • 10ml rosso vermouth
  • 1 brown sugar cube
  • 1 spoon of red wine reduction (or half a shot of red wine)
  • Stir to dilute
  • Strain (remove ice)
  • Garnish with an indoor firework, or otherwise to impress your friends and show them who’s the real BIG DOG.

Credit: The Emporium of Drinks & Such